Public Procurements Legal support services

UA-TENDERS LLC provides legal support services to Participants in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Public Procurement"

Legal procurement services we provide to suppliers - bidders

  • Challenging of the procurement results
  • Preparation of documents for participation in procurement
  • Validation of your tender offer before uploading it to Prozorro
  • Challenging the conditions of the tender documentation.

Working with our specialists, clients gain confidence that their offer is competitive
and has a 100% chance to winning the purchase. And this is gained without any extra effort and requires a minimal investment of time because our lawyers provide high-quality support of the procedure at all stages of the purchase.

Legal procurement services we provide to suppliers – the participants of tenders

A сhallenging of the purchase results

There are situations when a participant doubts the legality 
of the customer’s decision to reject his offer or choose another participant as the winner. We help clients protect their interests in the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine

and achieve the annulment of illegal decisions.

If your offer was indeed illegally rejected by the Customer, or you noticed signs of illegal selection of a competitor as the winner – our experts will analyze the requirements of the tender documentation, prepare a complaint and provide support during its submission and representation.

Careful analysis of documents provides an opportunity to identify or refute errors and find grounds for appeal.

Challenging the conditions of the bidding documents

You have a desire to participate in the tender, but the requirements set by the Customer limit your participation in the procurement? In such a situation, it is necessary to study this requirement at great length in such a situation.

If it turns out to be discriminatory, the only way out of the situation is to file a complaint with the Antimonopoly Committee – namely, contesting the terms of the tender documentation.

We are familiar with all the intricacies of contesting the terms of the tender documentation in AMK and will confidently defend your interests before the panel. The result of filing a complaint and defending it is the customer’s obligation to change the tender documentation.

Preparation of documents for participation in the procurement

Our specialists provide a full range of public procurement support services, including full preparation of the participant’s offer documentation package. After all, in addition 
to the criterion of the price of the offer,

the key to victory is an adequately prepared package of documents. The absence of even one of the documents required by the customer may be a reason for the rejection of your tender offer. That’s why it is important to pay sufficient attention to the proposal preparation stage. During the analysis of the customer’s tender documentation, our specialists identify all the pitfalls and then prepare a perfect package of documents, which is a guarantee of the client’s victory in the bidding.

Validation of your bid before uploading it to Prozorro

You have chosen a tender, andprepared tender offer documents, but have no confidence in their compliance with the requirements? Our experience confirms how important it is to pay sufficient attention to the preparation

of the tender offer.

Entrust the documents to our specialists before uploading them to the site. We analyze each of the Customer’s requirements set out in the tender documentation and provide a legal assessment of your proposal.

Lawyers will prepare all comments, as the Customer would do it. And we will also help you to eliminate errors.

Biddings financed by international investors

Ukraine cooperates with many international financial organizations, such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and others, in order to implement projects for the social and economic development of Ukraine

The main directions of such projects are increasing ot the competitiveness of the economy, supporting small and medium-sized businesses, developing education, health care, social security of the population, improving infrastructure, etc.

If you want to participate in projects implemented with the support of international financial organizations in Ukraine, you may need the following steps:

  • Learn about projects implemented in Ukraine. You can find information on the official websites of international financial organizations and government Internet resources.

  • Find out whether any of the projects match your activity and interests.

  • Contact organizations implementing projects with a proposal for cooperation. In many cases, this requires having relevant experience and qualifications, as well as being registered as a business.

  • If you do not have the opportunity to directly participate in the project, you can participate in financial support programs provided for the development of small and medium-sized businesses, energy efficiency, infrastructure development, etc. In this case, you can contact local authorities, banks or other institutions that provide such support programs.

  • Fill out or submit the necessary documents and go through the relevant procedure of registration and selection of participants. Each project may have its requirements and terms of participation.

We specialize in preparing enterprises to participate in projects that are implemented with the support of international financial organizations, so we can help clients successfully obtain financing for the implementation of their projects.

Many years of work experience not only sets us apart from competitors but also allows us to approach the needs of each client individually and ensure that he receives financing. Our specialists know about all the pitfalls that await participants on the way to victory. Do not miss the opportunity to expand the horizons of your business and popularize it in the Ukrainian and international communities.

Our clients can receive a full range of services, such as the development and coordination of project documentation, preparation for applying for financing, consulting in compliance with the requirements and conditions of participation in programs, etc.

Enterprises planning to participate in the programs of international financial organizations can turn to such companies with 
a request for help in the preparation and implementation of their projects. Professional consultants with extensive experience and knowledge of the market will be able to implement successfully the project and increase the chances of receiving financing from international financial organizations.